Split, 25-27 August 2017

The 1st International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Kinesiology” took place in Kupres in 2006, while the 2nd and 3rd Conference was organized in Mostar in 2007 and 2008. These conferences have covered 15 invited lectures and over 120 scientific and technical papers. The invited speakers who have dealt with biomechanical analysis, motor learning and motor control, as well as doping and substances in sport aroused great interest among congress participants, especially young researchers who prevailed. Namely, among 108 scientific papers, there were 125 postgraduate and 50 undergraduate and graduate students.

4th ISC was held after a brief interruption of continuity in August 2012 in Split. Over one hundred authors from 11 countries exhibited their papers through oral and poster sessions. Of the total number of presenters 40% were students of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral studies. We are especially proud that this Conference was held under the patronage of FIEP (GALLERY).
5th ISC was held in 2015 in Split and was remembered by rich social program and networking. Boat rides and dinner and beach party was something that participants recognized. Also, over 80 scientific contributions and 10 internationally recognized lecturers provided additional scientific value of the Conference (GALLERY).

Five previous conferences were marked by great scientific involvement of young researchers, which we are particularly proud of. It is expected that this Conference will highlight young researchers as central figures because it is the most natural way. Specifically, 6th International Scientific Conference “Contemporary Kinesiology” in Split 2017 is primarily designated to scientific novices without whom science cannot have a proper future.

We hope that the findings presented at this Conference will provide answers to some of the important issues that await contemporary kinesiological education, sport, recreation, kinesitherapy and management. Will it provide the answers about interesting thesis on the importance of interdisciplinary research, preventive actions, health care, content modeling, accomplishments, achievements or position of Kinesiology in the global marketplace remains to be seen…

It is our great pleasure that 20 best papers (by Editors choice) will be published in the regular edition of the Acta Kinesiologica Journal (Vol. 11. Issue 2.) which is indexed in Thomson Reuters (Wos) database. This edition will be published by the name of Advances in Sport Science and Medicine. READ MORE

See you in Split…